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Includes: Vitamin A,D,E,F,K2 - Omegas 3,6,79 

The Perfect Serum its very moisturizing and healing.

You can use daily. Protects, Nourishes and softens the skin.

Anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and anti-degenerate effect on skin cells.

This serum can be used as moisturizer-on all parts of the body including massges.

-Helps Arthritis,
Eczema,Dermatitis,Psoriasis,Bites,Burns & Cuts (use as moisturizer)

Note: Recommend to make clarify shampoo (baking soda and water 3:1 ) make paste like consistency. Massage into scalp 3-5 min. Wash out followed by ACV RINSE. (apple cider vinegar) FOLLOWED BY THE PERFECT SERUM

Also recommend detoxing!

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The Perfect Serum